3 Idiots Sequel Announced


3 Idiots Sequel Aamir Khan’s 3 IDIOTS on its way! Good news for Fans of Amir Khan and all who loved the Biggest hits of 2009 Rajkuma Hirani’s Film 3IDIOTS. Aamir Khan has announced that Rajkumar Hirani working on the sequel of 3IDIOTS, He craked the Idea 3IDIOTS Part-2. As we know everyone are waiting for three idiots Sequel here, good news for Aamir’s or 3 idiots lover that next sequel of 3 idiots is coming soon.

3 Idiots Sequel Announced
3 Idiots Sequel Announced Image Source : http://www.moviemandu.com

As 2015 Movie PK Broken all box office recods with 564.69 cr. Aamir Khan says “Now Both Hirani and screenwriter Abhijat Joshi working on 3IDIOTS PART 2. In recent interveiw Aamir khan said that Hirani is presently working on MUNNABHAI with sanjay dutt and is also working with writter Abhijat Joshi on sequel of 3 idiots. Abhijat Joshi also confirmed that he has a plot for 3 idiots sequel. Abhijat Joshi said. ” He had idea about MUNNABHAI part 3, 3 IDIOTS sequel, Also for PK sequel. Aamir Khan engaged with his upcoming movie DANGAl. We have to wait for 3 IDIOTS part 2 to watch in future!

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