Ashley Judd Boyfriend


Ashley Judd Boyfriend

Dario FranchittiIn 1999, She started dating British car racer Dario Franchitti. In 2013, they got divorced.
Michael BoltonIn 1996, She started dating Singer, Songwriter Michael Bolton.
Josh CharlesIn 1996, She had relationship with the actor Josh Charles.
Matthew McConaugheyShe dated an actor Matthew McConaughty in 1996.
Michael EnglishShe was in relationship with singer Michael English in 1995.
Robert De NiroIn 1995, She was dated actor, producer, and director Robert De Niro.
Jon StewartIn 1992, She dated actor and comedian Jon Stewart.
Lyle LovettIn 1991, She dated country singer, actor, and songwriter Lyte Lovett.
Brady AndersonShe dated Brady Anderson.
David DuchovnyShe dated David Duchovny.
Ashley Judd Boyfriend
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Ashley Judd Boyfriend: She was dated more than 10 celebrities including Actors, Singers, Director, and Races. In 1999 she was engaged to famous British car racer, Dario Franchitti, But they got separated in 2013. Read Ashley Judd Height.

She is from a successful artist family. Ashley’s mother and sister are famous country singer.  Read Ashley Judd Family.

Read complete Ashley Judd Biography and also Read Ashley Judd Interesting Facts. Here is the list of unknown facts about Ashley Judd.

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