Ashley Judd Interesting Facts


Ashley Judd Interesting Facts:

  • Ashley Judd was born as Ashley Tyler Ciminella.
  • She was born on April 19, 1968. Read Ashley Judd Biography.
  • She was completed graduation from the University of Kentucky.
  • Her Mother and sister is the country singer. Read Ashley Judd Family.
  • In 1992, She started acting with a larger role in Kuffs.
  • Her hobbies are rock climbing, running, yoga, gardening, mountain hiking and cooking.
  • “The 50 Most Beautiful People in the World” of (1996, 2000 and 2002). Read Ashley Judd Height Weight Body Statistics.
  • Speaks French fluently.
  • She is an entomologist.
  • She was engaged to British car racer Dario Franchitti (1999-2013). Read Ashley Judd Boyfriend / Dated and Ashley Judd Interesting Facts.
  • Her first book is All That is Bitter and Sweet. It was released in 2011.
  • In 2011, Ashley became a part of the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) Leadership Council.
  • She was the Youth AIDS Global Ambassador.
  • Her favorite sports team is Kentucky Wildcats Men’s basketball team.
  • Her favorite cookies are Felix the Cook Cookies.
  • She always searches website named, Cornell Ornithology.
  • Her favorite store is Anthropology.
  • She loves to eat Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.
  • Personal Quotes: It’s unconscionable to breed with the number of children who are starving to death in impoverished countries.
Ashley Judd Interesting Facts
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