Ina Balin Height Weight Body Statistics


Ina Balin was an American actress. Born Ina Rosenberg to a Jewish Family in Brooklyn on November 12, 1937. Ina first appeared on television show “The Perry Como Show”. She won the Theater World Award for the performance in the Broadway comedy, A Majority of One. Because of coronary heart disease, Balin died on June 20, 1990 in New Haven, Connecticut.

Ina Balin Height Weight Body Statistics
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Ina Balin Personal Information:

Full Name: Ina Rosenberg
Date of Birth: November 12, 1937
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, U.S
Died: June 20, 1990 (Aged 52)
Cause of Death: Coronary Heart Disease
Zodiac: Scorpio
Nationality: American
Occupation: Film, Television and Stage Actress
Year Active: 1958-1989
First Show: The Perry Como Show
Debut with Movie: The Black Orchid

Ina Balin Family Detail:

Parents: Sam Roseberg, Horald Balin
Siblings: Richard Balin, Richard Rosenthal, Arline Kronengold, David Balin
Spouse: Never Married: Single Parent
Children: Nguyet Baty, Ba-Nhi Mai and Kim Thuy(Adopted)

Ina Balin Height Weight Body Statistics and Measurements:

Ina Balin Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Ina Balin Weight: 65kgs

Eye Color: Light Brown
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Fair

Interesting Facts about Ina Balin:

  • At the end of the Vietnam War Helped hundreds of Vietnamese orphans.
  • was Co-owner of the Balin-Traube Art Gallery.
  • Once she witnessed a car accident while traveling in Madrid.
  • Harold Balin was Stepfather.
  • Aunt to Producer/director/writer Melissa Balin & film editor Brandon Balin.
  • Sister of Actor Richard Balin.
  • Sister in law of Rochelle Balin.

Ina Balin Filmography:

1958: The Black Orchid
1960: From the Terrace
1961: The Young Doctors
1961: The Comancheros
1964: The Patsy
1964: Act of Reprisal
1965: The Greatest Story Ever Told
1967: Run Like a Thief
1969: Charro!
1969: Desperate Mission
1969: The Lonely Profession( TV Movie)
1971: The Projectionist
1973: Call to Danger (TV Movie)
1973: The Don Is Dead
1974: Panic on the 5:22(TV Movie)
1980: The Children of An Lac (TV Movie)
1982: The Comeback Trail
1986: Vasectomy: A Delicate Matter
1989: That’s Adequate

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