One Direction vs Matt Healy : Questioned 1d’s artistic Credibility


One Direction Vs Matt Healy, Again Matt Healy comes up with something interesting about one direction. While he is attending interview on, Again One direction or herry style boys are in questioned. He Claim that “Change your ticket” is very similar to his bands song “Girl”. Listen to both song you will get clear idea. Matt Healy Feuding with 1D!! The 1975 Singer Matt Healy Come out with unflattering comment about One Direction. Questioned 1D’s artistic Credibility.

Matt Healy Vs One Direction
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“Matt healy of 1975 doesn’t think that One direction has any artistic credibility”

Matt also described how One Direction asked him to write song for band’s album FOUR. But when Matt want to meet them but they already have a track to listen to. Again the song which is in questioned ” Change Your Ticket” Matt says that sound is much like his own band’s song “Girls”.

Matt told the 1D, Listen guys, fill your boots, the song doesn’t sound that much like Girls, But the guitar and the whole vibe of it is a complete lift. So take the guitars off, and we are good.

Healy also says that 1D agree with that and healy thought that matter was settle. But when Four is released the same version of FOUR “Change Your Ticket” is available as bonus track. That Matt made upset.

But at last Matt add some interesting word for 1D They’re nice guys.” So hope that everything settle down before getting hike from both side.

Again One Directions artistic credibility is in question, Hope that the relationship between one direction and Matt is chill. He planked them with phone call in few years ago, It seem like they are very close to each other.

Matt Healy Vs Harry
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As per as past relation between both, Are you socked that Matt feuding with One Direction? Let us know by writing comment in below box.

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